Statistics to Consider During Long-Term Care Planning Month

In-Home Care Atlanta, GA: Long-Term Planning Month

In the U.S., 22.3% of family members have helped a parent in the past month. Just over 17% who do not currently provide any care expect they’ll have to in the next couple of years. Has your family talked about the long-term yet? It’s time. October is Long-Term Care Planning Month and a good time…

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Five Times Home Health Care Is Beneficial for Your Senior

Home Health Care Atlanta, GA: Home Health Care and Seniors

There are some big differences between elder care and home health care, and they can be difficult to understand at times. Knowing when home health care services are the best choice for your elderly family member can help you to understand when that’s the type of assistance that she really needs. In general, this type…

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Home Care Assistance Allows Seniors To Safely Age In Place

Home Care East Point, GA: Safely Aging in Place

Most seniors would like to stay in their own homes as they get older. But there are some very real safety and practical concerns for seniors that are aging in place at home. Especially if they have lived in their home for decades there are likely some things around the house that could be potentially…

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Signs A Senior Loved One Needs Home Care

Home Care Douglasville, GA: Seniors and Home Care

Home care is a great way for seniors to remain independent and live in their own homes while making sure that they are safe and comfortable. Overwhelmingly seniors in the U.S. would prefer to age in place by staying in their own homes but as they get older they find that they have trouble keeping…

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What Does Your Senior Want in the Years to Come?

Have you and your senior talked about what she wants as her life continues to change? If not, that isn’t a big surprise. Lots of seniors and family members haven’t had those talks because it can be so complex and can bring up so many emotions. Often aging adults worry about having their independence disappear.…

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How Can You Assist Your Aging Parents?

As your parents age, they will likely need help from you and other people in their life. If they don’t have many others to help them out, most of the tasks they need assistance with may fall on your lap. If you can help out, that is great. However, it is crucial to know that…

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A Care Plan Needs to Consider the Present and Future

As your dad ages, you notice little things that have you concerned. He’s less steady on his feet. Maybe, he doesn’t drive anymore. Or, he hates cooking and relies on takeout meals and frozen dinners. As he ages, it’s time to talk about the need for a care plan. Even if he’s still independent and…

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Learn How Home Care Helps Your Mom Remain Independent

Your mom’s goal is to age at home, but you’re not sure how to make that happen. Have you ever looked into the benefits of home care? Home care provides many services that help your mom remain independent. Take a closer look at them. Transportation Services Ensure She Comes and Goes as She Wants Your…

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Five Tips for Helping Your Senior Deal with Hotter Weather

As the weather warms up, your senior may need to make some small adjustments in order to stay safe in the heat. These ideas can help her to plan her day both efficiently and safely while also ensuring that she is able to enjoy the warmer weather a bit. Stay Out of Direct Sunlight Outdoors…

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If Mom’s Home Is Messy, Could It Be That She Struggles to Vacuum and Dust?

May is Clean Air Month and if you notice your mother’s house is getting dirty, something that is completely out of the ordinary for her and her personality, it could be due to several factors. One of them is an increasing inability on her part to keep up with the cleanliness. As people age, face…

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