How to Keep Your Seniors Life Fulfilling

Everyone should aspire to live the greatest life possible, and seniors have a unique chance to demonstrate how to achieve pleasure as they age. As your parents age, you will of course want to help them live the fullest life possible. You will want to ensure they have healthy lifestyle habits, make sure they’re eating…

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Home Care Assistance Allows Seniors To Safely Age In Place

Home Care East Point, GA: Safely Aging in Place

Most seniors would like to stay in their own homes as they get older. But there are some very real safety and practical concerns for seniors that are aging in place at home. Especially if they have lived in their home for decades there are likely some things around the house that could be potentially…

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Is Your Senior More Distracted Behind the Wheel than You Realize?

In-Home Care Villa Rica, GA: Seniors and Driving

This April for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month it’s a good idea to talk to your senior about what distracted driving is and how it might impact her life. Distracted driving is a big deal for people of all ages, but there are other ramifications for seniors. Often those consequences can involve losing a driver’s…

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Signs A Senior Loved One Needs Home Care

Home Care Douglasville, GA: Seniors and Home Care

Home care is a great way for seniors to remain independent and live in their own homes while making sure that they are safe and comfortable. Overwhelmingly seniors in the U.S. would prefer to age in place by staying in their own homes but as they get older they find that they have trouble keeping…

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Top Brain Stimulation Games for the Elderly

24-Hour Home Care Douglasville, GA: Brain Stimulation Games

Are you looking for ways to help prevent dementia and other brain deterioration for your elderly loved one? If so, the best way to do that is for you and/or 24-hour home care providers to get your elderly loved one to play brain stimulation games. There are so many electronic brain improvement games out there…

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Recommendations for Pneumonia At-Home Care

Does your elderly loved one have pneumonia? If so, you may want to know some of the at-home care pneumonia treatment recommendations. The first thing to note is that your elderly loved one may have medications they need to take. If that is the case, you or elder care providers should be there to help…

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What Does Your Senior Want in the Years to Come?

Have you and your senior talked about what she wants as her life continues to change? If not, that isn’t a big surprise. Lots of seniors and family members haven’t had those talks because it can be so complex and can bring up so many emotions. Often aging adults worry about having their independence disappear.…

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Why Is it So Important for Seniors to Eat Nutritious Meals?

Nutrition is always a big concern for your elderly family member, especially if she’s dealing with chronic health conditions. Making sure that your senior is able to get the nutrients that she needs doesn’t have to be complicated, but it helps to understand why it’s so crucial. Nutritious Meals Keep Your Senior’s Entire Body Healthy…

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How Do You Find an Effective, Safe Exercise Program for Your Mom?

Your mom fell and broke her arm. To prevent additional falls, her medical team suggests making sure she’s increasing her activity to work with muscle strength, balance, and stamina. How do you find the best exercise program for her that won’t raise her fall risk even more? Ask Her Doctor Never let your mom start…

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4 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Quality Of Life

January is International Quality of Life Month and it’s a great time to focus on making sure that your senior loved ones have the best possible qualify of life. Often when caring for senior loved ones family caregivers focus on the medical health of their senior parents and don’t really think about their quality of…

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