Respite Care

woman with kid in walker

Respite Care and Long-Term Disability Care

If you live with a disabled loved one, or you have been entrusted to provide care for them, you know exactly what levels of duty and responsibility you must have to fully care for them. At Universal, we also understand these levels of duty and responsibility, and we understand what that can mean for those who provide their care. You wouldn’t leave your precious loved ones with just anyone. That is one of the many reasons that UHC searches far and wide for the most qualified, gifted individuals to provide the absolute greatest in-home care of any other Metro Atlanta provider.

“Respite Care” is a term that is usually applied to a short-term, or temporary accommodations for disabled individuals outside the home. In-Home Respite Care is a much more popular and viable option for those in need of care, and for those who are normally entrusted with caring for them. Our caregivers are trained to not only provide the cultivating assistance that your loved one needs, but they are also trained to observe and maintain the healthiest parts of your current in-home routines. They can also help reprogram any unhealthy or harmful routines that may not be in your loved one’s best interests.

Long-Term Disability Care can be very similar to Respite Care, but it can also manifest itself very differently. Most of the actual manifestations of Disability Care will surface in specific situations, and our highly-trained, fully-certified, in-home caregivers are fully able to handle each and every need. If you yourself live with a disability, you know how important it is to maintain levels of independence. But if you need help, or you know someone who does, our expert Nursing Assistants are only a phone call or an email away.

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